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Custom embroidery designs by LECOR for your Agency, Department, Team, Company, Church, School and any other applications you may have.  Cindi started sewing a logo of our hot air balloon in the mid 80’s, and we have been sewing our Company logo’s for 17 yrs as well as a select few LEO clients, as seen in our example pics.

NOTE:  Custom designs will be sold to those authorized to purchase.  Club logo’s, team logo’s, and or any logo’s that require digitizing will be restricted.

LECOR has 2 professional embroidery machines and we can sew up to 6 colors on one, and 12 colors on the other.  Pricing is dependent on several factors, stitch count, number of colors, and complexity of design.  Designs can be up to 12″”x12″, depending on artwork.  Additionally, if digitizing is required, (changing artwork to a sew format), there will be an extra charge.  LECOR will be competitively priced and stand behind our finished product.  Once a design is digitized and paid for by the customer we will provide that artwork to them upon request.

The product’s pictured are a small example of the finished products we done.  Note;  Custom applications include flags on sleeves, names or logo’s on athletic pant legs, and others.

If you would like a quote please provide us with artwork. We will work with you to provide the finished product on:

Shirts, S/S, L/S, Polo, T’s, etc
Caps:  Ball caps
Towels:  Golf and Hand
Head Wraps
And more

LCE makes no claim to any artwork we sew.  No Registered Trademarks without owners consent.

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